16th St.


16th & Tryon, Uptown

Completed: Phase 1 - August 2017

Phase 2 - August 2018


"After this, I think people in the area will see that homeless people do care about their community,"


-Preston Flanning

Men’s Shelter Volunteer Artist

The 16th Street Bridge Mural was completed in two stages over the course of a year beginning in July 2017 in collaboration with North End Partners, Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, CMPD Metro Division, United of Carolinas, and countless community volunteers. Artists Sam Guzzie and Lane Morris led volunteers in painting two murals representing the ups and downs of life with guided designs based on ideas from the residents of the Men’s Shelter.

This project was a true collaboration of community. It brought people together from a variety of backgrounds and gave them the chance to work together with a common goal in uplifting and revitalizing the area. The response from the surrounding residents was astounding and brought a new life to the mural being created.

The installment of this mural was a catalyst for additional enhancements to address problematic issues in the area. During the course of the work, CDOT installed new lights under the bridge and began work on the drainage system to reverse severe flooding that was a reoccurring concern. Norfolk Southern, owner of the underpass, cleared brush and over-hanging vines from their railroad which caused water runoff and added to the flooding.


On top of that, we were also happy to see one of our most dedicated volunteers from the Men’s Shelter, who painted with us every day, fast-tracked into housing placement and moved into his new home the last week of Phase I. When a community comes together,  it can bring new possibilities, benefits, & a renewed sense of hope.



Sam Guzzie

Lane Morris


Project Managers:

Sam Guzzie

Anne Lambert

Volunteers from:

CMPD Metro Division

Men's Shelter of Charlotte

Osiris Rain Studios

Charlotte community members


Project funded by:

     Unite Charlotte Grant, United Way

     Cultural Visions Grant, ASC

     Community Go-Fund-Me campaign

Magnolia Paint Company Benjamin Moore: Exterior paint


United of Carolinas:

Street closure, pressure washing and protective gear for volunteers

North End Partners

Men's Shelter of Charlotte

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department Metro Division



Intersection of

N. Tryon & E. 16th St

Charlotte, NC 28206


Lane Morris is a Project Manager and Artist with Brand the Moth who started working with our team during the 16th Street Bridge project. We are lucky to have such a talented, dedicated and genuine person supporting our projects, fellow artists, & community members. Come visit her at our next community project!


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Charlotte, NC

Partner,  Director of Programming: Sam Guzzie

Partner,  Director of Curation: Hannah Fairweather

Photography Credits: Gloria Zavaleta, Carey King, & Maddie McCarley