The Queen

Rivafinoli Passage, The Gold District

Completed July 2017

The entrance to the Rivafinoli Passage is home to “Wake the Queen”, the first Charlotte mural created by Brand the Moth's Founder & Director, Sam Guzzie. She created this piece as an welcoming gatekeeper to the alleyway and a historical reminder of the amazing woman our city is named for, Queen Charlotte. She is depicted in many places throughout the city, however they do not all represent the historical figure, but rather a portrayal of stereotypical ‘queen’ imagery. Sam included many allegorical aspects in her mural that alluded to the accomplishments of the Queen during her lifetime, as well as her unique cultural background beyond her royal status. Using new representative elements and images intrigues passersby with the hope to encourage viewer to learn more about our inspiring figurehead. 



Sam Guzzie


Randolph James of Magnolia Emporium: Paint & location donation


Magnolia Emporium

307 Lincoln Street

Charlotte, NC 28203

“The more I looked into the historical figure that was Queen Charlotte, the more I realized she was truly an inspiration, and for some reason people aren’t talking about it. It’s time to wake the queen and celebrate this amazing woman for who she was, not just her name.”

-Sam Guzzie, Principal Artist


© 2020 Brand the Moth 

Charlotte, NC

Partner,  Director of Programming: Sam Guzzie

Partner,  Director of Curation: Hannah Fairweather

Photography Credits: Gloria Zavaleta, Carey King, & Maddie McCarley