Rivafinoli Catawba Mural

Rivafinoli Passage, The Gold District

Completed November 2017

“It was important to me that I gave Native Americans of the Catawba a positive light, nice and bright,” says Miouxnie, emphasizing that often times art focuses on Native Americans’ struggles. “I want to make sure that Native Americans as a whole feel empowered.”

Brand the Moth received a South End Creative Lab Micro Grant on behalf of local artist Miouxnie, to paint a mural inspired by the Catawba Native American Tribe. This piece is the first installment of a series of historical murals that will fill the five large bricked up windows along the alleyway, dubbed ‘The Rivafinoli Passage" in The Gold District of South End. This project, and each of the subsequent murals, is an opportunity specifically for first-time muralists. In our efforts to support new local artists, we are using this series as an occasion to offer the appropriate support and education needed in a large undertaking for novices in the mural field. We want to create a positive learning environment, while ensuring artists a comparable standard of pay for their work and supplying the proper materials. Through this program, we are both driving the arts economy in Charlotte by teaching artists and business owners alike the proper channels and negotiations surrounding compensation and capabilities of this type of artistic process and implementation. This type of discussion also works to ensure that our city's muralists understand the tools and materials necessary to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting mural.





Project funded by: South End Creative Lab Grant

Magnolia Paint Company, Benjamin Moore: Exterior paint


Storage & Support:Craft Brewery and Growler Shop


Craft Tasting Room

1320 S Church St #100, Charlotte, NC 28203


© 2020 Brand the Moth 

Charlotte, NC

Partner,  Director of Programming: Sam Guzzie

Partner,  Director of Curation: Hannah Fairweather

Photography Credits: Gloria Zavaleta, Carey King, & Maddie McCarley