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Charlotte, NC


We are excited to launch a unique, first-of-its-kind experience for professional artists in Charlotte, North Carolina who want to learn the craft & techniques of mural making in a hands-on environment. The Meta Mural Residency will be kicking off its first semester with our inaugural class in August, 2019 and we are looking for three local artists who are ready for a 360-perspective into the process of creating and executing mural projects. Over an 8-week residency-style program, artists will learn the ins and outs of developing murals with 4-week classes diving into the history of street art, contract & proposal writing, painting techniques and problem solving, lead by top professional muralists. Collectively our three artists will design and lead a guided community project working together with volunteers. The semester culminates with each artist being provided a prominent wall and materials for their individual capstone mural. We are ready to introduce Charlotte to three new artists with four original murals showcasing their talents and creative styles.


To qualify for this program, artists must be NEW to the art of mural making, having created less than two small scale murals, and show a strong portfolio of their work within their chosen medium. We invite and encourage working artists of all disciplines and stages of career to apply.

Three (3) artists will be selected for the upcoming semester based on the following submission criteria:

  •  Portfolio: Submission of 5 images plus links to website and/or social page

  •  Artist Statement, resume, or bio: Applicants can select one of all of these to provide in the form below

  •  Short answer responses: Each applicant will need to provide response to the 3 questions outlined below

  •  Community references: 2 non-family references

  •  Interview responses: After applications have been submitted our team will conduct short interviews with each of our top candidates.


8-week residency program for local artists wanting to expand into mural arts with a heavy focus on civic engagement and community based public artwork.


4-week training with professionals

leading classes in:

     History of Street Art
     Contracts & Business of Art Making

     Maintaining Your True Colors as an Artist
     Painting & Design:


        Brush Painting

        Spray Painting


Artists will lead a community engagement mural project, working with volunteers in a ‘coloring-book’ style design.

Gain on-site experience with project management, guided proposal and budget drafting support.

Each of the three selected artists will receive a $1,500.00 residency stipend.

The semester culminates with each artist being provided a prominent wall as a canvas for their individual capstone mural.


Participating businesses end up with a high-quality professional grade mural for free.


Mike Wirth

History of Street Art


Contracts & Proposals


Bree Stallings




Sharon Dowell

Brush Painting


Spray Painting


Alex DeLarge

Georgie Nakima

True Colors


Check back for more information on the class of 2020 soon

If you have any questions regarding the META Mural Residency or Brand the Moth please feel free to reach out to us at brandthemoth@gmail.com.