Solstice Tavern, NoDa

Completed July 2017

Photo: Carey King

Solstice Tavern was our flagship project and still one of our most recognizable pieces in the city. Brand the Moth curated this project, bringing together three artists with three distinct styles, who had never collaborated before, to create one flowing mural. The three artists were chosen based on their artistic merit, and the parameter that contributors be in varying career stages in order to create an environment that would promote healthy discussion between the artists allowing them to learn from each other while working together as a team through a common theme. Selected artists included veteran muralist living in the neighborhood, Nick Napoletano, second-time muralist and first large-scale artist Georgie Nakima, and first-time muralist Jonay di Ragno. Watching them collaborate and exchange ideas, information and critiques was the perfect picture of our growing artist community for the proclaimed arts neighborhood in Charlotte.



Solstice Tavern

Magnolia Paint Company, Benjamin Moore: Exterior paint

Binders Art Supplies & Frames: Donated $100 for spray paint


3221 North Davidson St

Charlotte, NC 28205


Project Manager: Sam Guzzie


Voted the number one most “instagramed” mural in Charlotte.


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Cover of NoDa News, August 2017

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Charlotte, NC

Partner,  Director of Programming: Sam Guzzie

Partner,  Director of Curation: Hannah Fairweather

Photography Credits: Gloria Zavaleta, Carey King, & Maddie McCarley