The Cocoon is Brand the Moth's warehouse & headquarters, offering an artist-led studio and safe space for local artists of any discipline to create, learn, experiment & grow.


Facilities will include equipment needed for woodwork, printmaking techniques and public mural arts, which currently are in short supply in the Charlotte region. The Cocoon will also be home to workshops, artists talks, and the META Mural Residency, becoming a creative hub for local artists, organizations and community members.


The Cocoon, in its open and flexible design, gives artists ia space to stay curious and expand their craft while encouraging a creative & collaborative atmosphere for all community members to share.

Unfortunately, we have made the very hard decision to close our doors. We are working to relocate and reopen as soon as we can. 

We are excited for our next chapter and will be posting updates & intermittent initiatives on our Brand The Moth social channels.


In the mean time, stay in touch. Know the perfect place for our new home? Want to help?

Reach out.



Members will have full access to their equipment needs. Yearly members may be granted 24/7 access & unlimited use after taking a safety training course.

Large-scale, project accommodations currently available by request.


Work space, small tools, & sketchbook walls available first come first serve.


Workshop schedule & events will be posted online & in-studio.


Non-members are welcome & encouraged to hang out or create, however access to equipment is for members & workshop use only.

Yearly:  $2,250

Monthly:  $225

Hourly:   $20


Hourly Bundles:

4 hours:    $50

16 hours:    $125

32 hours:    $175



Workshops led by local artists will be available for a variety of techniques, styles & mediums. Art workshops will be offered at 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Intermediate and Advanced classes will be by reserved seating only, with prices varying based on required materials, equipment and time. Beginner level classes will be free to the public, to maintain a high level of accessibility and to inspire people to try new mediums & creative processes.

These workshops will allow an opportunity for artists and community members alike to learn and grow together, while offering local professional artists a way to earn income for their expertise and time as instructors, encouraging a collaborative communal mentality. While our team and partners will offer regularly-scheduled workshops, we will also offer local and visiting artists the freedom to design workshops around their needs and interests, sharing space and offering the support needed for specialty workshops or discussion series. 

coming soon


Brand the Moth offers accessible programming for public arts and art education. We strive to support artists of all career levels, disciplines and interests, while inviting the community into the process. The Cocoon offers a safe space to ask questions, develop skills, seek resources and of course to create and inspire. 


BTM has lofty goals for 2020, including regaining a permanent studio, workshop & creative hub for our city’s artists. We are so excited to share all of it with our community, while supporting artists and creativity in our city. We are currently seeking donations & support to continue our programming and expand our outreach through The Cocoon.

For direct sponsorship, donations or mural inquiries please reach out to BTM directly.

For more information on                                     or how to get involved,

  please reach out to


Partner,  Director of Programming: Sam Guzzie

Partner, Director of Curation: Hannah Fairweather

Photography Credit: Gloria Zavaleta