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The Cocoon is Brand the Moth's home & headquarters, offering an artist-led studio and safe space for local artists of any discipline to create, learn, experiment & grow.


It is  also a home to work space, artists talks, and the META Mural Residency, becoming a creative place for local artists, organizations and community members to expand their craft while encouraging a creative & collaborative atmosphere for all to share.




We are excited for our next chapter as we've moved to a temporary space in the Villa Heights neighborhood.

As Brand the Moth's operation headquarters, we will be using our home on a flexible structure and are currently offering use of the space for artists on a project-to-project basis. 

Currently, we have paused all large scale events, but reach out to stop by and say hello!

Welcome to The new Cocoon.



Our space is home to artists sitting on the patio talking about their next project, trouble shooting materials and planning logistics, or practicing on the Sketchbook Walls.


We want our Cocoon to feel safe, welcoming, and inclusive. This is our place where people can come together to create.

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Brand the Moth works to make public art and arts education programs accessible and sustainable for our local artists.

We strive to support artists of all career levels, disciplines and interests, while inviting the community into the process. The Cocoon offers a safe space to ask questions, develop skills, seek resources and of course to create and inspire. 



Brand the Moth is expanding our reach with each mural and each project as we work to make The Arts accessible and sustainable, creating a creative hub for our city’s artists. We are so excited to share it all with our community. We are currently seeking donations & support to continue our programming and expand our outreach through public art and The Cocoon.

For direct sponsorship, donations or mural inquiries please reach out to BTM directly.

For more information on                                     or how to get involved,

  please reach out to

cocoon logo white-01.png

Partner,  Director of Programming: Sam Guzzie

Partner, Director of Curation: Hannah Fairweather

Photography Credit: Gloria Zavaleta

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